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Dollars for Diversity is the IAVM Foundation's Diversity & Inclusivity Initiative. Your support enables us to provide scholarships to individuals to attend industry schools and events which will aid them in being considered for leadership roles within their venues.

Your support is critical for our ongoing success.

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The Joseph A. Floreano Scholarship + Internship Program recognizes deserving individuals who demonstrate leadership, character, diversity, community involvement and the potential to be future leaders in the venue management industry.

The Joseph A. Floreano Scholarship + Internship Program was established after the untimely passing of Joseph A. Floreano, CFE, a long-time IAVM member, Foundation Trustee and the first and only Honorary Chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees. Floreano was known for giving selflessly in both time and money to worthy industry causes. His leadership was aspirational and he took great pride in mentoring and supporting the advancement of the venue management industry. Joe Floreano was not only incredibly instrumental in the development of the Foundation’s ‘Build An Amazing Future’ campaign but also became the inspiration as he truly resembled and embodied everything it stands for. The contributions Floreano made to the Foundation are immeasurable and with that we believed that the naming of the scholarship program would be the most appropriate way to honor his legacy that will forever leave a mark on the Foundation. To learn more about the program please visit

Support the IAVM Foundation by making your donation in memory of Joe Floreano today. The process is fast, easy, and secure... and you can be sure that it will benefit a great cause!

Please join us in building an amazing future!

Today, we are announcing that we are back, we are stronger than ever, and we are COMMITTED to getting and giving to the POWERFUL WOMEN in the industry. Starting today…right now… we are getting back together to continue what we started – 100+ WOMEN of IAVM | DONATE 100+.

Launched six years ago by your IAVM Foundation, the 100 + WOMEN of IAVM Campaign is committed to generating funds for five (5) women, one from each sector, to attend VenueConnect conference and two (2) women to attend AVSS (one woman for each year). The idea is simple – 100+ Women (or Men) each giving $100 (or any other amount), which means $10,000+ each year!

Together we will bring $10,000+ annually to this amazing initiative, and change six women’s lives. So commit right now and be the catalyst to change the future of women in our industry!

There is a new generation of female students, young professionals, and future female leaders, and this is OUR chance to help these women in our industry further develop their career and skill set. Support your IAVM Foundation and your industry by making a donation today. The process is fast, easy, and secure... and you can be sure that it will benefit a great cause.

"One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." - John F. Kennedy

This is an exciting time for IAVM with its 100th Anniversary occurring in 2024, and that makes it an important time for the IAVM Foundation. Over the last 42 years, the IAVM Foundation has made a significant impact on the venue management industry through the funding, launch and establishment of educational resources, research, and advocacy to strengthen our venues and the communities they serve.

Now it is time to impact change for the future!

Whether you can give $20, $100, or $1000, every dollar donated will help propel the venue management industry forward.

Donate today!

*Funds donated to the "Impacting Change" Annual Fund are unrestricted and will continue to support existing programs such as 100+ Women of IAVM, #YouBelong Dollars for Diversity, 30|UNDER|30, etc. as well as new initiatives within the pillars of research, education, and advocacy. If you wish for your donation to be restricted to a specific campaign, please donate to that campaign directly - 100+ Women of IAVM, #YouBelong Dollars for Diversity, Joseph A. Floreano Scholarship+Internship Program.

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